Traveling sukkah pops up at D.C. landmarks


Going back to the book of Exodus, the sukkah has always been not just a temporary dwelling, but a portable one. So it was in keeping with the spirit of the Sukkot holiday when a SUV pulled up at Dupont Circle on Sunday, and two rabbis stepped out and unfurled a plastic sukkah, the better to meet people where they are.

Rabbis Aderet Drucker and Jenna Stein Turow of the Den Collective found about 10 people ready to sit in the sukkah, wave the lulav and etrog as is customary and describe their favorite part of autumn.

Turow said Sukkot is one of her favorite holidays and that her family has always celebrated it. She wanted to bring that tradition and joy to everyone who came to the pop-up sukkah.

“It’s really a joyous celebration for fun. To have this week of fun after the [high] holidays [is nice],” she said.

Drucker said the goal of the event was to foster meaningful relationships. The Den Collective focuses on small gatherings so participants can get to know each other on a deep level.

“We try and foster a space where people can be vulnerable and really go deep in their learning and getting to know each other,” Drucker said.

With the last blessing said, the rabbis folded and stowed the sukkah and drove to the other two pop-up stops of the day at the Washington Monument and Eastern Market.

The rabbis said that the next time they carry a portable sukkah, they’ll take one that doesn’t need to be assembled and disassembled at every stop.

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