What do you think about all of this rain?


Interviews and photos by Dan Schere

“We need rain and we need not rain. We need sun and we need clouds. And I think the climate change fluctuations are getting bigger.”
—Jack Calman, Silver Spring


“I hate it. It keeps me from riding my bike on a regular basis. But I grew up in Seattle, where it used to rain, but of a different variety. It was a steady sprinkle there, whereas here it’s inundation.”
—Peter Katz, Kensington


“It makes the ground quite soggy, and not easy to ride a bike on. Although it could be positive because the grass is going to be very long.”
—David Horn, Bethesda



“It’s just life.”
—Mark Cohen, Potomac


“It’s good because the grass needs a drink of water.”
—Hilary Greenwald, Bethesda

“We needed some rain. The grass was all brown. The bushes were dying. And then we got some rain. Then we got more and more. And then we got too much.
—Frank Mcdonough, Potomac


“We needed the water. We usually get too much when we need it badly. Otherwise, there’s not much you can do about the weather, so sit back and enjoy it.
—Robert Kaplan, Rockville


“I think it’s terrible. It should rain one day and be over with. It’s weeks and weeks and weeks that it rains.”
—Tamara Handelsman, Chevy Chase

“I’m beginning to feel very soggy. But I know we need the rain.”
—Allie Greene, Rockville

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