What is Israel?


At the May 19 Israel Fest at the Bender Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington in Rockville, we asked what was at the top of everybody’s mind.

Anna Cohen: “I have dual citizenship. So, for me it’s home.”











Sharon Tadmor: “It’s my home. My whole family is there.”














Raymond Friedman: “It’s our homeland. It’s where it all started.”













Leonard Lamm: “The Jewish homeland, historically and today. A place for refuge for Jews that will always be holy to the Jewish people.”












James Hetzel: Israel is God’s country. So is Wisconsin — Im from Wisconsin and that’s what we say. But Israel really is.












Rellie Rozin, with her family: “Home. And it’s complicated.”
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  1. Israel is the state my aunt & uncle helped build from a wasteland called Palestine. My pride in their accomplishments runs deep in my soul and it is painful to see what’s happening to the land for which they sacrificed so much. I regret that my aunt’s passing a year ago at age 100 went basically unnoticed (except of course by her family) by the state to which she gave so much.


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