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Frosh: ‘I will be the people’s lawyer’
By Brian Frosh
As a state legislator, I have been deeply dedicated to supporting and advancing the causes of Maryland’s Jewish community. I have been the lead sponsor of millions of dollars of bond bills that fund and support communal institutions of the Jewish community, including support for career services, educational and professional programs, in-home support, nursing care, volunteer assistance and social services. I grew up in Bethesda, graduated from Walter Johnson High School and raised my family… CONTINUE>>

Cardin: Nothing more important than protecting children
By Jon Cardin
It has been my honor to represent the 11th District for the past 12 years. As I reflect on the last decade, it is not just of the bills I’ve passed and the people I’ve helped, but the integrity with which I have worked and the vision I have crafted for moving forward into the Office of the Attorney General. I am proud of both my work as a lawyer, righting people’s wrongs and my… CONTINUE>>

Brown: Will fight for stronger communities, justice
By Anthony Brown
During my tour of duty with the Army in Iraq, I learned that no matter where you live or what your background is we all want the same things for our families. We want good jobs and opportunities made possible by a quality education, access to affordable health care and clean air and water, and safe neighborhoods to live in. I’ve found this to be true everywhere from Baghdad to Baltimore, from Silver Spring to… CONTINUE>>

Gansler: My ideas are community-driven
By Doug Gansler
In just a few nights from now I will be standing on a stage, hopefully as Maryland’s Democratic nominee for governor, in front of the hundreds of supporters who made my campaign possible. Win or lose, I will be standing tall, proud to have committed my career to public service and proud to have brought the same core set of values and beliefs that have always driven my desire to give back to Maryland and its people. CONTINUE>>


Craig: Marylanders want government to get out of the way
By David Craig
I have spent the past year campaigning throughout the state of Maryland. I have talked to countless families, small business owners, farmers, teachers, factory and office workers and people who have no jobs at all. In each person, I sensed a feeling of being forgotten by their state government; not that they want government to do everything for them, but quite the opposite. They want government to stop getting in the way. Enough with the… CONTINUE>>

Mizeur: I learned my values on the picket line
By Heather Mizeur
In 1981, I was 9 years old and Ronald Reagan had just become president. My dad was a welder at a Caterpillar plant and a member of the United Auto Workers, but he and his union co-workers went on strike because they weren’t making fair wages. For six months my family made ends meet on $45 a week strike pay. But the stand paid off after my dad and his union negotiated a pay raise… CONTINUE>>

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