Whose side is she on?


Rabbi Suskin (“Delay no longer possible in the struggle for peace,” WJW, March 20) opines that if Israel stops building settlements, peace, and a two-state solution in Israel and future Palestine will prevail. 

The rabbi’s ignoring Palestinian acts against Israel and its people in their campaign to take over Israel by force and subterfuge leaves me wondering whose side she is on. We’ve all witnessed or learned about Palestinians’ bellicose acts including: propelling missiles into Israel and engaging in terrorist acts against Israelis; demonizing Jews by teaching their populace Nazi beliefs and by exposing them to anti-Jewish television shows and “literature”; and influencing Europeans, Americans and others to engage in economic coercion of Israel. The rabbi has also ignored the uprooting of approximately 850,000 Jews forced to flee from their native Arab lands after Israel was established and Jordan’s illegal capture and occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 1948 that lasted for 20 years.

In light of the Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, which would signify their acceptance, the rabbi’s Peace Now represents “give in now and surrender later.” Should Israel agree to Palestinian terms for the sake of the rabbi’s brand of “peace,” it would contribute to the dismantling of the Jewish homeland.

It sounds like imperialism when the rabbi, who resides in the United States writes, “If we are not courageous enough to do what is necessary … Israel is at risk of going over that cliff.” The people of Israel, represented by their democratically elected government are the ones legally and ethically charged with making decisions concerning Israel’s well-being and survival. Let’s hope that the Palestinians will recognize Israel as a Jewish state and that peace will be possible.


The dove of peace can only survive if Israel is able to propagate all that is essential for her security.


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