Why Jewish state?


In the April 3 issue of WJW, Daniel Mann asks why Israel is so insistent on the Palestinian Authority agree to Israel being “a Jewish state.” The reason is that Israel considers the three words “a Jewish State,” when agreed to by the Palestinian Authority, a proxy for what Israel really wants. The real prize would be the Palestinians ending their constant, egregious and continuing practice of calling for a multistage extermination or forced departure of the Jewish population of Israel via violent terrorism, legal action through any number of the world’s anti-Israel organizations, economic terrorism or demographic displacement (examples being the Fatah and Hamas charter and the Palestinian national charter).

The proxy of the three words was developed because the diplomatic community functionally refuses to seriously acknowledge the extermination rhetoric, or in the case of some diplomats, they agree with it. Also, since the 1947 partition plan called for “a Jewish state” (as did other diplomatic protocols) it must have seemed like the U.S., at least, might buy into this proxy.


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