Why not a state religion?


Insofar as the editorial, “A bad bill for the Jewish State” (WJW, Nov. 27), where is the problem here? Countries such as Greece, or, better, the Scandinavian countries are democracies, as we understand the term, with state religions which recognize the rights of minorities.

What is the problem with Israel, a democracy by any sane person’s definition, having a state religion – in this case Judaism – and guaranteeing minority rights?

Isn’t Islam the official religion of most of Israel’s neighbors? Getting down to it, which of any of these other countries guarantees the right of their Christian minorities to practice their religion peacefully? Israel has been doing this for years. No other nation or people ties themselves up in knots like this except Jews. With issues like this I truly believe that we are our own worst enemy. To paraphrase Karl Marx, “Give us enough rope and stay out of the way and the Jews [in this case] will hang themselves!”


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