WJW Week in TV 10/31


Homeland you’re killing me. After the revelation last week that made Carrie and Saul seem so clever, it’s already starting to fall apart. I had figured there would be some complications with keeping the act up, but it has only been one episode and Carrie has already been kidnapped and is about to undergo a polygraph test. The most frustrating aspect of this episode, though, was Dana Brody. Who would’ve thought?

CIA: Saul was invited to go goose hunting by Sen. Lockhart. But really, it was a ploy for Lockhart to show off his skills with a rifle. Oh, and to tell Saul that he’ll be the new CIA director and rub it in his face. Saul was naturally quite upset with the news, and to top it all off, he came home to see Mira having dinner with her former co-worker. Except we know that they used to be more than friends. The moral of the story? Saul is a terrible goose hunter.

Carrie Land: Quinn was let in on the Carrie/Saul act and is now spying on Javadi’s men who are spying on Carrie, who knows that they’re spying on her and knows that Quinn is spying on both them and her. This isn’t confusing at all!

But wait, there’s more. Now those who are spying on Carrie know that she knows, and this is all thanks to Dana. Because Dana ruins everything. Carrie decided to use the yoga play, hence the episode’s title, to evade Javadi’s spies while she harassed some jerk from the FBI, telling him to make a better effort to find Dana. Which, I mean, must have been really hard because Dana becomes less likable by the second.


Speaking of the yoga play, how is it that one of the instructors is totally fine with letting Carrie use the studio as a CIA evasion technique? I hope she gets compensated with pizza or something.

Anyway, Javadi’s goons knew something was up so they broke into Carrie’s house, made her strip, kidnapped her and brought her to Javadi, who’s giving off the “Gus Fring from Breaking Bad” vibe. Except Gus would never ever stain his shirt from eating a hamburger. That Javadi is such a slob.

Brody family update: Dana realized Leo was a liar and a possible murderer, so she decided to hitch a cop car back home and cry. It was that simple, yet it felt like the entire episode was about this. We need a Dana break. Also, nice try with the cry face, Dana. Claire Danes is, and will always be, the master of the cry face.

Best moment: It certainly wasn’t the closeup of Javadi eating a hamburger. Gross. Let’s go with when Quinn took a short break from surveillance duty and called Carrie to make conversation. Can those two become more than friends already?

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