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The last five minutes of “A Red Wheelbarrow” felt like something out of Season 1 of Homeland. Remember that? So much tension and scenes that would bring you to the edge of your seat. The good old days.

This show started to become groan-worthy at the end of last season and it has been mostly groan-worthy this season aside from a few nice twists, specifically Carrie and Saul’s master plan. The last five minutes of this episode, though, may be a sign that the final four episodes of this season are headed to the Season 1 glory.

CIA: Using the information Javadi gave up about the possible identity of the Langley bomber, Carrie, Saul, Quinn and Dar decided to coax him out into the open. Daul told Bennet (creepy lawyer number one) the CIA was on to him, which lead Franklin (creepy lawyer number two) to get the lowdown from Carrie since she’s still “spying” for him.

Carrie told him that yes, the CIA was on to him and eventually got him to say that the bomber was indeed still in the U.S. His phone was tapped so they overheard his call to Bennett that he was getting the bomber out of the country. This led the team (minus Saul) to track him down to a motel, where he pulled out a gun and silenced it. Why would he need a gun? To kill the bomber, that’s why.


The bomber was just some random guy but it isn’t clear if he was the actual bomber. Maybe we’ll find out next week? Either way, poor guy was dissolved in acid in a bathtub. I guess Franklin never watched an episode of Breaking Bad. We still don’t know if the team managed to catch Franklin. If they didn’t, they’re more incompetent than we imagined.

Carrieland: When Carrie saw Franklin pull out a gun, she flipped and went into full Carrie Matheson mode. She didn’t want the Langley bomber dead because then she wouldn’t be able to exonerate Brody. Dar, as usual, was angry and didn’t want her to disrupt the operation and ordered Quinn to shoot her. And he did! She was on her way to the hospital as the episode closed, but the question on everyone’s mind is obviously: What’s going to happen to the baby?

The odds of this baby surviving are 1 in 99,721. Earlier in the episode, she told a doctor she was taking lithium and drinking heavily while she was pregnant, but didn’t want to get an abortion because Brody’s the baby daddy. Knowing Carrie’s life, she’ll end up losing the baby anyway because of her stupid stint that got her shot.

Mira Mira On The Wall: Bernard finally became a character in this episode. He got mad when Mira said she wasn’t leaving Saul, and he was later shown bugging Mira’s house. So who is this guy? If he’s just a random spy who’s trying to get intel on Saul, then I’m completely against this story line. If he has something to do with Javadi or if Mira is somehow in on this, then please, proceed.

Brody family update: The scene of the night obviously goes to Saul stepping out of a car in Caracas, being greeted by Mr. Spider Tattoo and being led up the Tower of David to see a ghastly Nicholas Brody. How did Saul know he was there? What’s he going to do now that he knows where America’s most wanted man is? And most importantly, where is Dr. Fabulous? That scene brought up so many new questions and for once, this wasn’t a bad thing.

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