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What even happened during this week’s Homeland episode? Everything was going smoothly without much excitement (as most of Season 3 has been) and then boom! Things got crazy. We had Saul throwing punches, a woman getting stabbed in the neck with a bottle and a pregnancy. Some of these events were welcome and some seriously were not.

CIA: Quinn, Fara, Max and Saul lost surveillance on Carrie once she got kidnapped. As if the plot already couldn’t get more confusing, via polygraph, Javadi (who looks like a weasel) found out Carrie was lying about others not knowing he had kidnapped her. Now, Javadi knows about the Carrie/Saul act but doesn’t want his men to know that he knows, so they won’t think he’s an enemy of Iran.

Speaking of which, Javadi is now an enemy of Iran thanks to Carrie and Saul, and agrees to meet for an interrogation. But not before he decides to go rogue for 10 minutes (more on that later).

Before this, Saul revealed to Fara his and Javadi’s past. Javadi, a Middle East intelligence officer, turned traitor to the CIA when he murdered some folks Saul was going to take home to the U.S. Saul was able to bring Javadi’s wife (now ex-wife) to safety, but it turns out she wasn’t too concerned for her safety, because she apparently said “screw it” to the Witness Protection Program.


The house that Javadi stalked in last week’s episode was that of his ex-wife, daughter-in-law and baby grandson. He knocked on the door, casually shot the daughter-in-law in the head and stabbed his ex-wife in the neck with a glass bottle. It was all pretty gruesome.

Carrie and Quinn showed up a little too late, captured Javadi and left the crying baby at the scene per Saul’s orders. Afterwards, they delivered Javadi to Saul, who immediately punched his nemesis in the face. Menacing Saul is awesome. He had that anger bottled up since the beginning of the episode, when Mira told him the not-so-surprising news that she and Bernard (the guy who she was having dinner with last week) used to have sex when she and Saul were taking a break.

Carrie Land: In the midst of all this, Carrie found out she was pregnant. Yes, you read that right. Homeland went there. I think we have to assume it’s Brody’s baby, given the 453 times she’s peed on a stick. She’s been taking these tests for a while and refuses to believe she’s pregnant. Every time she’s gotten a positive reading (hence the title). This is all so very Carrie.

Although, it seems she finally came to terms in this episode. I guess she better stop drinking if she wants to keep the baby. Also, how did the medical workers at the psych ward not find out she was pregnant? And why isn’t she showing or getting morning sickness, or behaving pregnantly? None of this makes any sense.

Brody family update: Dana changed her name and spontaneously moved out of the house with her friend Angela. Poor Angela doesn’t know what she’s gotten herself into. Does this mean Dana is gone for good? This is Homeland, so nope, not a chance.

Best moment: Mira on Bernard: “He makes me laugh. My day is better with him in it.” Saul, she’s basically saying you’re a terrible boyfriend.

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