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One more episode, folks. It feels like just yesterday that we had to endure the saga of Dana and Leo, which was one of the most terrible story lines I’ve ever seen on a TV show. But alas, we have almost made it through Season 3 of Homeland, and I feel safe saying it will end on a high note.

After the intense hour that was “Big Man in Tehran,” fans of this show probably have one question on their minds regarding this Sunday’s finale: Will Brody live or die? Actually, what we really should be asking is if Showtime will allow Brody to die. Regardless of what happens, Chris Brody will live to see another day, doing whatever he does off screen. That’s really all that matters.

The mission: Under CIA orders, Brody and Javadi were busy convincing everyone in Tehran that Brody was seeking asylum, but the guy they really needed to convince was General Akbari, who was supposed to meet his end at the hands of a Mossad-funded cyanide needle, while a Mossad-funded bomb served as a distraction. Simple, right?

Akbari, who is rarely seen in public, had his own plan in mind when he lured Brody to a public square to meet with Abu Nazir’s widow, Nasrin. The two had a heart to heart, and Brody realized he wouldn’t be able to carry out his mission anytime soon. He decided to really play the part. Six days later, he went on international TV and told the world how Iran is his homeland now. The show only did this so we could once again wonder if Brody was a traitor or not. I’m tired of this “is he/isn’t he” situation, because it’s safe to say that he’s both. Deep down inside, Brody would’ve liked to just chill in Iran for the rest of his life where he’d be accepted for his supposed bombing of Langley. But he also had to carry out a mission for his country, which he finally did after he found out (thanks to Carrie) the CIA decided he was now a liability, and sent the two Mossad agents (courtesy of imprisoned Alan Bernard) to kill him. Only then did Brody become the great manipulator we’ve always known him to be.


He showed up at Akbari’s guarded office and told him the entire CIA plan and Javadi’s involvement, right before smashing his head in with a glass bowl and smothering him with a pillow. It was like when Brody killed the vice-president, only quieter and a tad bit more believable. The deed was done, he called Carrie to come rescue him and then bam, end of episode. In other words, chaos is about to ensue.

Carrieland: Where is Carrie Matheson and what has this show done with her? I actually don’t mind where she is, because tonight’s brunette French-speaking Carrie was nothing like the blonde, crazy and “in pregnancy denial” Carrie we’ve seen all season. This Carrie was easy to root for. She didn’t even freak out too much when she knew Brody was about to be assassinated. Calm, cool and collected Carrie is what this show needs. Did I mention she actually acknowledged her baby and didn’t smoke or drink?

Best moment: The final one-on-one office confrontation between Brody and Akbari has been done before, but nevertheless, it made me tense up. That’s something Homeland hasn’t done for me in a while.

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