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I think we’re getting somewhere with this season of Homeland. Something tells me it has to do with Brody’s redemption, which I could care less about since he should’ve been killed off last season. But, hey at least it’s something, and “Good Night” was undoubtedly the best episode of this rocky, very unrealistic and frustrating season.

CIA: The episode worked because it had a clear focus with a beginning, middle and end. Although Brody and the Marines were an ocean away from the CIA Langley bunker, everyone was in the same situation. We never had to cut to what Dana was up to at the motel, and it was awesome.

Saul’s plan was to have Brody and the team pose as al-Qaida operatives, with the goal of getting Brody across the Iraqi border into Iran to carry out his mission. Of course, the plan didn’t go smoothly. The team had to kill a bunch of border police officers and then the Texan Marine got his leg blown off from an explosive mine. Carrie freaked out because she thought Brody was dead from the explosion, but then through some cool night vision, she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw his moving silhouette.

Then, things escalated when a hail of bullets came out of nowhere, forcing Saul to abort the mission, much to Lockhart’s pleasure (he didn’t show it, but you just know he wanted to do a happy dance).


Leave it to Brody to disobey orders though, as he decided this was his only chance to make things right. The Marine who just became a new dad decided to accompany Brody, and just when we thought they would both get shot, surprise! The Iranian military showed up and believed Brody’s spiel about seeking asylum in Iran. Carrie was happy, Saul was happy and their lucky chewing gum turned out to be, well, lucky.

While it seems Brody is very capable of convincing Iranian leaders he’s still a traitor to his country, Javadi may be the one to put a damper on Saul’s plan. At the end of the episode, he showed up and killed Brody’s new Marine pal, and it’s unclear why. Either Javadi didn’t want the Marine to talk while being tortured and spill the beans on his switching of allegiances, or he hasn’t switched allegiances and has other plans in store for Brody. Either way, I’m excited to see how these last two episodes play out.

Also, Carrie tried to convince Fara to use her uncle as a means of getting Brody out of Iran after he completes his mission. Knowing this will result in her uncle’s death, Fara declined and Carrie didn’t understand why, because she’d be totally fine with putting her family members’ lives on the line. Especially her unborn baby!

Carrieland: Speaking of Carrie’s baby, Quinn uncovered her secret and was all “You shouldn’t be willing to get shot, you’re pregnant.” And Carrie was all “The baby isn’t Brody’s.” Um, excuse me? Let’s not get delusional, Carrie.

Best moment: Carrie giving one of the most perfectly timed “F-bombs” ever, after failing to convince Brody to abort the mission.

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