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My colleague Larry Yudelson brought to my attention a rock and roll trivia discovery with an excellent Jewish angle hidden within:
The Guardian’s Data Blog extracted the lyrics of each of the Beatles 300 or so recorded songs and then ranked the individual words by the number of times the Fabs sang them.

“You” is the top word – I’m Looking through You, Smiles await you when you rise, You say you want a revolution – the Beatles sang “you” 2,262 times.

So here’s the Jewish angle – Love Me Do, All You Need is Love, She Loves You, Can’t Buy Me Love – The L Word appears 613 times. That’s the number of mitzvot the Torah is believed to contain. Neat, huh?

A few of the words the Beatles used only once: acorns, git, pataphysical, solitude, toes, zapped.

All the children sing.

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