You Should Know… Adam Toobin

Photo by Jared Foretek.

Adam Toobin tries his best not to let his disability slow him down.

The 34-year-old has cerebral palsy, which limits him to a wheelchair. But he’ll happily tell you he’s not that much unlike anyone else. He has a job — Toobin works as a greeter at Costco — and a classically variable commute on MetroAccess. He does volunteer work in his Fairfax community. He keeps up on politics and lives and dies with the Redskins, Wizards and Nationals.

It’s all pretty typical for a Washington-area resident.

You belong to Congregation Olam Tikvah. What’s kept you involved through the years?

I went through religious school and everything there, and I memorized all the prayers. I don’t read Hebrew, so I memorized my whole bar mitzvah when I was 13. I had to work at it for a while but it was pretty cool.
I like going when I can to services because I just forget about everything that’s going on here and my struggles. I can be like any one of the congregants that we have at Olam Tikvah. I forget about my disability and I just sing the songs, though all from memorization.

Can you talk about some of the volunteer work you do?

I’ve started to volunteer at one of the Jewish group homes with people with disabilities. I go on Saturdays, even though we’re not supposed to work on Shabbos, but I want to volunteer my services. Even though the residents are non-verbal, I feel good about it because I’m doing something for the community.

You have a YouTube channel where you discuss living with a disability. What made you want to discuss your experiences online?

I wanted people to know that I’m like any other person with or without a disability, and I can do whatever, I just need a little help to get through my day. I have friends that help me and my PCA [personal care assistant] helps me, but I’m like any regular adult. I want people to take away that they can also whatever they want, and I want to share my wisdom and my point of view with them. And if they want to, they can always talk to me on Facebook.

You have some cool political memorabilia.

I’m into politics, but I really like watching the debates. So I’m pretty excited about the immigration debate to see what happens with that. I love C-Span.

Why do you think you’re so passionate about sports?

I started playing Challenger Baseball when I was younger. It’s baseball for physical disabilities, so I got my love of sports from that. It’s another way I can feel like anyone else when I watch sports. I go to the games and I cheer and yell and do whatever anyone without a disability does.

Are you excited about the baseball season coming up?

Yes but I can’t focus on it now, the Wizards are playing so well.

Kirk Cousins or Alex Smith?

Alex Smith. We might make it all the way next year.

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