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Mallory Herron, 18, didn’t expect a day’s activity would turn into a greater passion. But after spending time with the kids of Save a Child’s Heart on her summer trip to Israel, she decided to start a club at Maret School, where she’s a senior. Herron, who plans on attending University of Michigan in the fall, is also a member and president emeritus of Washington Hebrew Congregation’s youth group.

What is Save a Child’s Heart?

Save a Child’s Heart is an organization based in Israel that provides lifesaving pediatric care to children. On average, they save a child’s life every 24 hours. The organization brings children to Israel for the care, they perform medical missions abroad and they also train medical personnel so the idea is that they’re trying to make a difference with the medical staff in other countries. They help children regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality or financial status.

How did you get involved?

I go to a sleepaway camp that takes a summer trip to Israel and every year we get the opportunity to visit the Save a Child’s Heart Children’s Home located in Tel Aviv. In the past I’ve seen a lot of people posting pictures and their fundraising campaigns and I was always really excited for it when it was my turn. This summer I had the opportunity to visit the house and interact with the kids and spend time with them and see their positive attitudes even through everything they were dealing with.

What made you want to start a club?

I had reached out to the coordinator of Save a Child’s Heart in the United States and she said one of the ways to make a larger difference is to start a club. So I decided to start one at my school because I knew I would be more successful fundraising in a group than I would as an individual and I knew starting the club would allow for different ideas and creativity to bring to the group, which would allow us to be more successful. Also, it brings more awareness to the community.

What actions has the club taken?

We hosted a bake sale for the middle school and upper school and we ended up raising over $600 for the organization, which is incredible and that was only our first event of the year. We also have an upcoming Chipotle fundraiser on April 5 where people can come to the Chipotle in Woodley Park and if they mention Save a Child’s Heart or show the flier for it, 33 percent of the event sales will be donated for the cause.

Where did the inspiration to get involved come from?

Throughout the different Jewish communities I’ve been involved in there’s always been a big idea of giving back and so I really wanted to help these kids have an opportunity of having a better and healthier life.

I think having a personal experience with the kids where I got to interact with them and get to know them and see how special all of them were really made an impact in my life and is why I decided to get involved. I want to continue to find spaces to advocate for Save a Child’s Heart because I believe it’s such a special organization. I think it’s special that they’ll really take care of anyone and it doesn’t matter their background. It allows for so many more people to survive than would have been possible and it really changes lives and communities.

How do you plan on staying involved when you go to college?

I’m not entirely sure how I’ll continue to stay involved. I will definitely look into the opportunities my college has because I know there are schools where they have clubs already. Also just continuing to talk to the leadership director in the United States and maybe I’ll possibly intern there or get more volunteer experience there in the future.

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