Arts & Culture

Playwright Jennie Berman Eng goes in search of an ‘authentic’ Holocaust movie

  https://vimeo.com/410255432 Jennie Berman Eng doesn’t mind being labeled a Jewish playwright. In fact, she proudly owns the moniker as the first-place winner of the Ninth...

Watch a scene from Jewish Plays Project winner

https://vimeo.com/410255432 Playwright Jennie Berman Eng, of Alexandria, was the Jewish Plays Project winner for her "A Moving Picture." The play explores truth and facts as...

8 incredible Israeli shows you may not have heard of

By Brandon Schuster It’s no secret that for more than a decade now, Hollywood has turned toward Israel to look for new show formats that...

Nation and World

Adin Steinsaltz made the Talmud more accessible

  By Ben Harris Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz, the acclaimed scholar whose landmark translation of the Talmud enabled a vast readership to access one of Judaism’s...

Retooled approach for special-ed students brings surprising results during distancing era

Sponsored By Eric Berger When Racheli Friedbauer, now 11, was enrolled four years ago in a Jewish special education program, it changed her life. Due to a...

With refugees hit doubly hard by the pandemic, Jewish groups step up aid efforts

Sponsored By Michele Chabin Nearly 80 million people around the world are refugees, asylum seekers, or internally displaced. Already marginalized and at elevated risk of malnutrition, disease...

Food and Dining

Israeli foodies’ new normal

By Karen Chernick TEL AVIV — The reservations were rolling in, and Inbal Baum was preparing for her busiest summer yet of food tours through...

Icelandic Jewish cookies: A dessert with a fascinating story to tell

  By Rachel Ringler You’ve heard of the wandering Jew, but have you heard of the wandering Jewish cookie? As Jews move from country to country, they...

Shwarma chicken kebabs: Perfectly spiced, quick to make and oh-so-juicy

By Chaya Rappoport If you think chicken kebabs sound boring, I don’t blame you. Usually they are. And dry. But not this recipe. This recipe pays...