Jewish news website at U-Md. goes in search of the elusive story

A year ago Mitzpeh, the Jewish student publication on the University of Maryland’s College Park campus, had no problem finding news to report. Now with...

Arts & Culture

Stump the Rabbi!

By the staffs of Washington Jewish Week and Baltimore Jewish Times Rabbi Hyim Shafner photographed by David Stuck They say there are no dumb questions. Somehow...

Far-flung JCCs bring a single film festival to your living room

It’s a truism that in the Washington area, it’s hard to get a Marylander to cross the river into Northern Virginia, and vice versa....

‘Jews in Space’ exhibit lands at Jewish Museum of Maryland

Get ready to take one small step to the Jewish Museum of Maryland in Baltimore for its new exhibit,“Jews in Space: Members of the...

Nation and World

Germany allocates $662 million in emergency funding for Holocaust survivors around the world

Germany has pledged an extra $662 million toward helping Holocaust survivors during the coronavirus pandemic. The money will be given out in two payments over...

Cybersecurity expert warns: ‘It only takes one slip’

October is National CyberSecurity Awareness Month, and the message is that nonprofits are being hacked more frequently than ever. The global pandemic is only...

Mob of Orthodox protesters in Brooklyn corners a journalist

By Shira Hanau A reporter and member of the Chasidic community in Borough Park was cornered and threatened Wednesday night as protests against New York...

Food and Dining

This iconic Italian market in NYC has an unexpected Jewish history

By Leah Siesfeld Teitel Brothers, the 105-year-old Italian provisions store on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, is not Italian at all. In fact, Teitels is...

‘The Chicken Soup Manifesto’ features hundreds of recipes from around the world

By Rachel Myerson I fell in love with Jenn Louis’ latest cookbook “The Chicken Soup Manifesto” at first sight. The James Beard-nominated chef has curated...
Cary Greene

Custom cocktails by the keg

Cary Greene became a lawyer for two reasons. One: to make a decent living. And two: to work in the industry that he loves...